426 starting problem after you blew it!

I"m brand new to the site and new to 4 stroke offroading. I picked up a 02 426 last week. I read all the threads i could find about how to start this beast and I have that part down. What I didn't see covered in any of these threads is what to do after you've blew the procedure? What I mean by that is.....you twisted the throttle when unloading it from the truck, or your curious 12 year old gives the throttle a few twists just before you try to start it:eek: .....or you're just dumb and used to an old 2 stroke and twist the throttle as you kick. :ride:

WHAT THEN???? Any ideas how to undo what you did other than wait 4-5 days?

Then, you go into a process known as clearing the flood. If you have a manual compression release, pull it and hold it. Open the throttle wide and hold it. Turn the engine through several times.

With auto decomp, hold the throttle open and turn the engine through slowly several times, even waiting a few seconds between strokes on the starter.

Opening and holding the throttle will, of course, put yet another shot of fuel into the engine, but it also allows the maximum amount of air, and air only, to be puymped through the engine while it's held open. Holding it full wide kills so much of the intake vacuum that there is not enough to raise fuel from the float bowl, so it actually helps clear things out.

It should not take too long to dry the engine out if it is at operating temperature. Then, go back and try it again as if it never happened.

On a cold engine, the situation may not be so good with a 400 or 426, since their ignitions are not as strong as the 450's, and they may require a plug change if they won't start after being cleared out.

they may require a plug change if they won't start after being cleared out.

I always carried a new plug with me. Sometimes depending on the weather and if the jetting wasn't quite right, the damn thing would just not fire. This maybe happened 2 or 3 times over the 3 years I rode my 426 regularly.

I found that with a new plug it would fire right up! So spend the 10 minutes or so and change the plug.

Thanks.....this site is great. Followed everyones guidance and haven't had another problem with the beast. Thanks again!:)

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