Intalling fork springs


I just got some race tech fork springs, just wondering about installing them. I have a race this weekend, and don't what to mess it up. To install these springs do you just remove the top cartridge, and switch them or do i have to disassemble them from the bottom of the fork aswell?


what bike do you have?

sorry Its a YZ450 08

The cartridge has to be removed completely from the main (outer) tubes. This can be done without removing the forks from the clamps, but it's best if you pull them off. Unscrew the cartridge from the top of the fork, then unscrew the adjuster assembly from the bottom. Disconnect the damper rods from the adjusters, and slide out the cartridges and springs.

Read the manual carefully and understand the reassembly process. There are a couple of mistakes you can make.

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