Paddle Tire

OK... NOW i know alot of u ride hard pack. I live so close to glamis its not funny and thats where i do the majority of my riding. GOOD OL DUNES.. i have not experienced the wrath of my 02wr with a paddle yet.. the knobbies worked fine. NOW one question THAT STINKIN MUD FLAP... i have been told take it off when i run a paddle have been told to TRIM it when i have a paddle i have been told take it off and get a shock wears for the shock.. Any suggestions.. I also have been told the cups wont clear the swingarm.. shouldnt be a prob cuz i need to re adjust the whell anyways the chain has been stretching... finally... ok thats it im done

All my friends who have taken a yamaha moto to the dunes have shreded the flap to bits with the paddle. Id say take it off and protect the shock with something.

Remove the flap and put duct tape around the bacl side of the spring to protect it and the shock. I have seen some folks bag the shock with material with velcro closures.

Bonzai :)

Time to get out the scissors and cut up some old jeans..

I left my flap on when I went to the dunes and it did shread the lower half. But there was still enough there to protect the shock area.

I bought a new one and kept the old one unless I went back to the dunes. I will probably never go back so if anyone wants to pay for shipping I will send it their way for free.

So if anyone wants it, it will keep you from having to buy a new one.

ISBB, I have a chen-shing sand pro paddle tire on my '98 WR400. The cups were almost hitting the linkage with the stock chain. I went from a 114 link chain to a 116 link chain. There is now plenty of room for the mud flap, even with a rear sprocket that is two teeth larger than stock. Check the clearance between the tire and the swingarm linkage when the swingarm is fully extended. That is where the tire will hit first. I have been to Glamis a few times, and my mud flap is fine. I am not sure if you have a different swingarm from my bike, but if you have room for a longer chain, I would get one. If you find an outerwear that fits on the rear shock, let me know, I would like to have one. Have fun in Glamis!

Have a look at a fairly new tyre "Laguna Cross"

it is a knobbly cross paddle and makes for awesome riding

make sure you protect the shock with duct tape as I shredded my flap and then chipped the shock shaft running a paddle = lots of $'s to rebuild the shock.

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