YZ450 Water Pump

On my 2004 Yz450 the water pump is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new water pump, Also Gaskets and seals. I was just wondering is it a pretty difficult to change the water pump. Im not sure if i can do it. Will I be better off taking it to a certified Yamaha mechanic.

It involves removing the right side crankcase cover (the whole thing), draining coolant, oil, etc. Look at it in the manual and decide if it's over your head or not.

Its a pretty easy process....

The right side crank case needs to come off then you can replace the seals, the bearing, and the water pump shaft....

I would make sure you change everything since you are down there. I made the mistake of just replacing the seals and not the shaft and bearing and about 6 months later, the water pump started to leak again...

If you go thru the Thumpertalk OEM store, it should not cost you more that $75 (the impellor may add another $40)

Make sure you look thru the service manuel (if you have one), it shows the entire process very well.

Good Luck!!!!

Patrick M.

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