oil dripping from breather tube

My 426 drips oil out and leaves a small puddle about the size of a half dollar almost every time i shut it down after riding it. It is only ridden on the street now. Could it be because of the higher speeds? Does this indicate anything? I plan on re-routing it into a bottle in the airbox.

Does this indicate anything?

Thats normal...even if you see a little white spludge dripping out, that's normal too:thumbsup:

Well looking at it today, its more then the size of a half dollar. Its probably 2-3'' diameter.

That may be a little more than normal. Excess breather oil comes from;

> Overfilling. Harder to accomplish with a 426 than other bikes.

> Riding very hard. High RPM's and heavy throttle loads will carry more oil into the crankcase vent.

> Tired engine. Worn rings leak combustion gasses into the crankcase, vaporizing more oil, and increasing the net outflow through the vent, carrying oil with it.

Well i would have to say the RPMs are usually high from riding it on the street. and i have had it for 4 years now and havent re ringed it so.. Maybe putting new rings on it would be a good idea

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