Yamaha says WR450 is 245 lbs. dry

Does anyone remember how much they lied, I mean claimed the 426 weighed. I'm wondering how much "error" to factor in. They also list the YZ at 222 while MXA said 232. I wouldn't mind a WR 450 at 255 lbs with fluids sans gas, but if it's 255 bone dry, I'm not very impressed.

They were almost dead on with the weight of the YZ450, so hopfully it will be the same with the WR.

Oh I forgot to ask you where you saw that Yamaha was claiming 245lbs I've never heard anything official.

For a brief period of time, Yamaha's web site claimed 7 lbs lighter that the '02. Dissapeared almost overnight. This was back in July, I think.

Since I really don't know what Yamaha claimed the '02 weighed, can't say what ???-7 lbs is. If true, 7 lbs less with e-start would be very attractive. I won't be a believer, however, until someone gets delivery on an '03 :) and puts it on a scale.

It says 245 dry on the Yamaha web site. can any body post what a 02 wr426 weighed dry? It says 229 for the wr250

On the Yamaha site, you can compare bike specs and if you do so with the 450 vs the '02 426, you'll see that the '02 426 was claimed to be 240lbs.

Math :)

The lastest issue of Cycle News lists 240lbs dry. Cycle World has a Japan ride impression.

If everyone keeps sweating the weight of the '03s, it'll be a mute point by the time they are released. A 7lb lighter rider has got to be about as good as a 7lb lighter bike... :) and way cheaper than titanium!

Why don't we start a pool.

Closest one wins.

I say it will weigh 269 lbs dry on the famously accurate DB scale when they weigh it.

Any one else?

Somewhere else I guessed 265. So I'm stickin' w/ that.

Problem is that a TTalker w/ a scale will likely beat Dirt Bike by a month or two w/ the first "published" weight.

But I like your rule. Whoever is closest to DB wins. No offense, but I hope you lose. :)

I see your 265 lb. and i say 250 lb.

Well then I sure hope I don't win. :)

I raise you 25 - a nice even 275 lbs :):D

I'm in @ 258 lbs.

I can't pass fun like this up. I'm in @ 253.87452 lbs.

I say 257

I SAY 253 !!

Don't think i will get the chance to weigh mine dry so i will say 262lbs. , wet with no fuel. Can't wait, get the 1st one in. If it is anything like my YZ 450F it is going to be sweet..See you at the race's...

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