Jet Needles in socal?

Ive been looking for jet needles all over the place! Im after the ELN or the EMN. Ive called sudco, they said they were out of stock until July. Kind of odd huh?

anyway, if anyone knows a yami shop that actually has parts. please let me know. Im from the orange county area but Id drive in any direction about 1 1/2's to get parts.


Orange County? Me too, Laguna Niguel. I would like to compare jetting with you. I got maybe the last EMN needle from Sudco, haven't tried it yet, maybe tonight. Maybe we could test and share needles/jets and save a few bucks. They told me they have 74 EMN needles presold and the next delivery would be Sept. Also looking for riding buddies as most of my friends think I am nuts. Ride street bikes too.

Let me know if your interested,


YamaMoto, check your PM's

hey strett moto try calling both yamaha of montclair and yamaha of rancho cucamonga both are fairly nice shops and if they dont have what you are looking for they ushally hunt it down for you let me know if you find em keith

You may want to call Baja Designs, they may have what your looking for.

Thanks for the info guys!

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