Does a YZ450 2006 crank fit in a 2005?

Like the title says, will it fit?

Because I want to put a hotrods +3 stroker crank in my 05 YZ450, but they are not listed on there site.

Only 2006/2008

Thanks Ron

Nope. They're different.

Believe it or not I am running an 05 YZ crank in my 06 YZ and it works fantastic! Will the 06 crank go in an 05? I don't know but I would think it would! The cranks are slightly different but everything lines up and due to a mistake at the local Yamaha parts department I was forced to try it and can report that the 05 crank works in the 06 cases and see no reason it wouldn't work the other way around!


So the 06 hotrods +3 crank wil fit in my 05.

And I want to get it ballanced due to the vibrations I have now.

Because this engine is in a quad.

And here in the Netherlands ballancing kosts alot of $$$$.

Where kan I get it ballanced?

Thanks Ron

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