Irratic low end on 06 wr450

I can't seem to get rid of this annoying surge at any spot on the throttle. Its worse just off an idle. The surge itself is enough so you can't ride on the road with only one hand. I do equal amounts of on/off road riding. All mods are done. Dosen't make a differents ,rich or lean, I tried every combo of jetting, disconnected and reconnected TPS several times also. It is not noticable in the trails when your constantly twisting the throttle. It's done it since it was new. Just makes road riding unpleasent at a constant speed.

Other than buying a road bike, any suggestions? It has less than 400 miles on it. Aside from this little annoyance I like the bike;tons of power I don't even use.

Without buying a new cam or new vortex ignition, can either of these be adjusted? As a former automechanic [pre computers], it just feels like ignition timing.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


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