Decel popping but not the norm.....

Ok I know we have all seen the decel pop and fuel screw threads but heres my deal. I have been riding bike all summer with no popping and crap but when I am on the gas hard then get off she gets to popping like crazy. Its almost the same as when its cold outside and you have to adjust out. I have gone all the way in and bike has bad bog and runs like doo doo. I 3 turns out popping is better but also runs bad. Bike runs great about 1.5 turns out but pops alottttttttttttt. Dr D pipe and there are no air leaks anywhere I have checked 200 times. I am not a jetting expert so what is my bike trying to tell me? This is on my 08 450

Have you been running the DR D all summer with no problem? Junction at cylinder and can tight? change type of gas? Hot start lever not closing? have play in the hot start?

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