North GA Riders....

Looks like I'm done for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Just returned from the doctor...Torn Ligament in my left wrist and some damage to the unla nerve thats going to take a good 4 months to heal.

Well atleast I'll have time to make my bike look as pretty as GA426Owners WR426. I hate this...My scotts will be in this week.

Bonzai :)

Bill, I feel your pain. :) I wish you a speedy recovery. Paul


Sorry to hear that!! Get well soon I know it's killing you to be down.

Your opinion, do you think one of those wrist supports thingy you wear when your bowling would've kept that from happening?

I've been contemplating trying that out.

I know some day we'll all be wearing full football uniform. Come to think of it hmmmmm....

[ June 06, 2002: Message edited by: S Phillips ]

Bill, sorry to hear about your news. At least you will have some time to trick out your bike as well as the new 400 you told me about. Glad to hear that the throttle tube worked so well.


Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you heal quickly. This past weekend I hit a rut going 30-35 and ended up doing chest plant. I think I separated a couple of ribs. Yes I was wearing a chest protector but the impact still caused damage. All I can do is take Ibuprofin and wait it out.

Stop ! Don't make me laugh ouch ! ouch !

Take care


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