alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

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I give up

Dude, I just typed an F'n step-by-step manual on how to upload pics and the damn window on TT closed on me... I'm not doing it again.

Quick version: First order of business is to put your photos on a photo-hosting site, I use Photobucket. Then just copy the IMG or HTML code that is associated with the pic on Photobucket (or whatever), now paste that code in your TT reply. Should work.

If you have a nice camera with great resolution, the file size might be too big. You'll need to "dumb down" your photos by changing the file size to something smaller.

Good luck.

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Took this a couple weeks ago. Waiting for the DRz flush tail light to come it for it now.

Mods are: Cogent shock, Racetech emulators in front, RMA shield, some bark busters, Supertrapp pipe, (to try and scare the deer off) DJ jet kit, running lights (so I can see the deer before I hit it..) ProBillet rack and generic top box. Running Maxxis steet biscuits on the hoops.


Some Sunday ride video...


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Hey! I have one of those stands too, only mines for the back wheel :ride:


A more recent pic


I like the where the mud spots are....what did you do?.... lol

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