GPR stabilizer on A WR426 SWEET!!

I have a 99 WR400 that I bought 6 months ago. Put a GPR stabilizer on the bike. I've got to say that Randy, Ralph, and all the good folks down at GPR rock. They gave me a great price on a triple clamp, Renthal fatbar and a stabilizer and pretty much istalled it on the bike for free. Then about two weeks ago I ran across an unreal deal on a brand new WR426, so I bought it. I thought I would spend hours trying to figure out the mounting of the stabilizer. So I called Randy for some advice and he told me to bring it in, He re-installed the stabilizer setup on the 426 for free!! The bike was in a crate as well and Randy (GPR owner) stayed late on a Monday night, tore apart the crate, built my bike up and then reinstalled the stabilizer. GPR MAKES ALL THEIR STUFF IN-HOUSE, and their customer service as well as warranty program make them a no-brainer if you are ever going to stabilize your bike. Thanks Randy, Ralph and all the wonderful folks at GPR. They are in San Diego.GO SEE THEM. Keep the rubber side down.

99WR400 (For sale in Southern Cal. White Bros. E-series exhaust, Acerbis dual beam headlight, Devel radiator guards, Enzoracing/Kayaba front suspension)

2001 WR426 stock, except for the GPR stabilizer, but hey, stock is cool when its brand new unridden.

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