let's put it this way, your in the jungles of borneo.

you were wrong to be there on your own!

you were wrong not to fill 'er to the brim!

you were wrong not to fill 'er up when you reached that fuel station (you know the one-between the two mango trees and before the swamp)!

you were wrong not to take it steady and sip the fuel when you hit reserve!

you get one last chance mate, the bike runs out of fuel and you lay it on it's side to get the last 1/2 pint over to the left. THIS IS IT-NOW YOU'VE GOT TO FIND THAT PETROL STATION.

how many warnings doya want!


Special note...

I've seen this on 2 different Clark tank/SDG seat set ups...

The tank seems to bolt up, but things are rubbing all over the place. Look at your oil fill cap and you'll see no space between the tank and the oil cap throat. Look at the remote res for the rear shock, the tank rubs there too. Then look at your seat wear it sits on the airbox, it will rub a hole in your seat cover.

Answer to the problem...get some 1/4" thick plastic washers and place them between the bottom of your tank and the mounting bracket. This will raise the front of the tank away from the oil fill cap. Now put a thick piece of rubber under the rear of the tank between the frame and the tank. This will raise the rear of the tank enough to keep it off the rear shock res and keep the seat off the airbox.


My experience is nothing like Ben's. Fit and finish of my Clarke tank/SDG seat is excellent, and I have no rubbing/clearance issues. But, if the same problems do crop up, I'll know what to do.

And if you can decipher what Taffy's saying, that's the way to do it. I think his estimate of the amount of fuel left on the right side of the tank is accurate- less than a pint of fuel gets orphaned on that side. If you get that low on gas you are really in trouble. You will get about another 2 miles out of that much gas.

[ June 05, 2002: Message edited by: Rich in Orlando ]

Thanks Ben! The oil cap throat looked good but I will check the other spots. Maybe they corrected the earlier problems.

I just purchased the Clarke gas tank and the SDG YZ seat.First of all great fit and finish, just bolted in place, I wish that happened all the time. I knew the benefits and it sure handles alot better. I also added the Dunlop 756 up front and raised the forks 10MM, the whole package works great. What I did not know was that it lowered the seat hight manly because of the narrow seat and when you are vertically challenged 5'8" every little bit helps. All this info I got here so now my question. How does the fuel transfer from side to side in the new gas tank? My guess is sloshing? If that is true do you ever run out of gas with fuel trapped? Can you burn all of the gas you carry?

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