FMF Q pipe, anybody ever been noise tested from 5 meters / 15 feet away?

Im doing a enduro on sunday and I have to be UNDER 86db from 5 metres / 15 feet away at any rpm / throttle opening. Has anybody ever had their WR450 tested like this with a FMF q pipe and what was the noise level?

It was no problem, there were loads of much louder bikes at the event.

Hmm.... that's a different kind of test for sound. We don't do it that way here in the states for enduro's. We do a 10 or 12 inch test, but they allow 96db.

I am not sure how it would sound at 5 metres away. Let us know how you do with that.

My 04' had a Q on it and it always passed our standardized sound checks here in the NMA, you should be fine:thumbsup:

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