Slipping Clutch

MHX im having the same problem.Mine only happens in fifth gear wide open. Its really weird cause im never in 5th??? I do alot of trail riding im in 1st and 2nd alot i would think it would happen to those gears first. If you find anything out please post it!!!thanks

i think it would do that because 5th gear wide open is the highest load the motor and tranny have to deal with. High motor rpm, high tranny rpm, high wind resistance fromt the rider.

Next time you change the oil pull the clutch cover and the pressure plate. Pull the plates and chech them to make sure they are within the service limit.

You can also try this:

Preload the clutch springs with washers of the same thickness. This will slightly increase the pressure on the plates and it should cure a minor slip. It will also slightly increase clutch pull.

I noticed the other day that the clutch on my '00 WR seems to be slipping a bit, but only at high revs in top gear. Normally I'd expect it to be more noticable in lower gears.

Looking through the archives there seem to be a couple of comments about worn selectors and gears. Could this really cause the same symptoms as a slipping clutch - and if so, how?

Any other explanations as to what's causing it?



Top gear indeed offers the most resistance and load for the clutch to withhold, caused by the increase in wind and mechanical resistance which is why you can't gear your WR to go 200 miles an hour!...Using "Energy Conserving" automobile oil which contains friction modifiers can cause clutch slippage by the way. I like using Amsoil synthetic, motorcycle specific, high quality 10W40 oil...

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So we're confident that it's not a gearbox problem then?

I had a look at the clutch not that long ago and it appeared OK (no visible signs of wear). Are there any tips on the best way to beef things up - springs, washers, better friction plates etc etc?

Doesn't sound like a gear box problem.

As far as plates i like Barnetts(i dont think its spelled correctly). They have a smooth feel and they seem to be hlding up well. I think barnett makes stiffer springs also.

I had similar clutch slip in high gears on asphalt. Difficult to notice it on the dirt.

To pack out the springs with washers requires quite a bit of work because the washers must be the same ID and OD as the clutch springs - end up using a 1/4" washer with the centre filed out really large. But in the end this does not help much.

If you let it run for too long it will overhead the clutch basket & everything AND you are filling your oil with loads of friction material too!

JUST BUY A NEW CLUTCH KIT!!!! Cost £90 in UK, not a lot of money for decent reliable performance.

Is there enough free play in the cable? You want to measure .125" (1/8") between the lever and perch, before the actuating arm on the cases, starts to move.


A better idear than packing washers under the springs is to buy another steel clutch plate. Remove all the plates & put the new plate in first then the rest of the plates so you endup with two steel plates together. steel,steel,fiber,steel,fiber,steel,fiber, etc.

You should be able to get the steel plate from the wreckers.

BUT I would just go & buy new fiber plates & maybe springs aswell. Springs are extreamly cheap & you only need five of them.

Reliability is everything.

I have a clutch slip problem on my '98 Wr400. It occurs only in top gear, but at all rev speeds.

I have fitted a complete new clutch with H/D springs and boths sets of plates (Yam stock) hoping to rectify the problem, but it remains.

I thought the clutch I removed looked OK. It looks like it was an uprated clutch as it has dimples on the steel plates, unlike the new standard yamaha clutch I have now fitted.

Someone mentioned it could be oil type, ie going to mineral oil might solve it.

I am using semi-synthetic oil (which has been recommended to me generally as it is an old bike), against synthetic oil, as recommended by Yamaha in the workshop manual.

Or should I try going back to synthetic oil? Or none of the above?

if anyone can help I would be grateful.

All the best,

cheers, Red.

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