Powerguard insurance

Anybody have experience with Powerguard insurance. You pay $500 and it covers your bike for five years. I have it, but I find it strange that they don't send you a card or any kind of verification that you are covered. I've called them and they say I'm not in their computer system yet. I'm starting to wonder if they will be there if I get my bike stolen. Ah damn! Now I've probably jinxed myself. Knock on wood. :)

Sounds fishy to me. You need to receive a policy. I am in the ins. business in Michigan. I couldn,t find information on Powerguard. It appears that you live in California and you can access the Insurance Bureau at www.insurance.ca.gov/

The web site is easy to follow. You can file a complaint, check carrier info. etc., all on the web site. Good luck


I have never heard of a insurance company selling a 5 year policy that covers liability or comprehensive (yes I am an agent for 20+ yrs). All policies that I have seen are only for 1 yr.

Sounds more like an extended warrenty. Who did you buy it from? Dealer or Agent?

I also looked up powerguard at A.M. Best but could not could find where the are rated.


Powerguard is contract where you give the dealer $500 and he gives you a sticker that etches a number into your bike's frame. If it's stolen, I'm supposed to call a number in Florida, and after an investigation and three weeks time, they cut me a check.

Except, they haven't heard of me in Florida--I called--and the bike dealer I bought it from says that they only sell it, not back it. The Evergreen Organization in listed on the contract, and I was told that they are "re-insured" by Hartford. Hartford's web site doesn't mention Powerguard, and Evergreen's web site is defunct. So I'm nervous.

Technically, I told that this is not insurance but a limited warranty against the theft of my bike. It covers theft only, and in California it is not permitted to call this insurance. Furthermore, I'm told that there is some new law beginning in January that makes it illegal to sell these supplimental warranties, unless the customer already has comprehensive insurance.

Who sells insurance against the theft of a dirt bike? I haven't found any.

Master Lock and Krypto sell theft insurance pretty cheap :)

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