Pipe ?

I have a new Wr on order and was starting to look into after market pipes. Alot of riders here seem to really like the Thunder Alley,but I have not been able to find any test reports on them.(dyno,sound,weight)I would just like to see how they match up to some of the other well known pipes.

Give Bob at Thunder Alley a call. He's really easy to talk to and will answer just about any question you've got. When I ordered my pipe, he told me exactly how he thought it'd help my bike, what it would do, and what it wouldn't do. I don't know the sound "db" level, but it's no louder than the uncorked-stocker. I don't have the number handy right now, but just do a search on here & you'll find the link to thier web-site. I love mine! It's definately a low end pipe. Great gains off idle and throughout the mid-range. The top end isn't too much different. But then if you getting a 426 or the 450 then that might a bit different. Again, give Bob a call & he'll let you know where he stands.

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