00' yz426f need cluth help???

This is my first yamaha so bear with me! replaced the clutch and cable but now the clutch will not engage and it has major slack in it???? It barely worked before so that is why I checked the plates and replaced them. Can anyone point me in the direction of a link or thread to help with this? I did do a search but, most came up with aftermarket clutches baskets.....

In reference to a clutch, "engage" means for the clutch to take hold when you letthe lever out, and lock the trans to the engine. "Disengage" or "release" is when you pull the lever in, disconnecting the engine from the trans.

Which one is yours not doing?

There is a barrel adjuster down by the cylinder that you will probably have to play with. If that doesn't get it, you may have got the wrong cable or it may be routed wrong.

Sorry, my bad. It's not disengaging!

There will be the adjuster at the lever perch, for one, and on the 2000, there should be one at the engine end of the cable as well. On newer replacement cables, there may also be one about 2-3" down the cable from the lever that will give you even more range. Reduce the free play to about 3mm at the lever (roughly the width of a nickel), and see how it works then.

If you have new plates, this is part of where your free play came from, as free play tends to disappear as the plates wear, and new plates by themselves will cause the clutch to drag (incompletely release). Adjust the cable correctly and ride it. Once it's warmed up pretty well, do a couple of clutch slipping second gear starts with it and then ride some more. That should take care of it.

The cable will not adjust to take out the slack in the clutch! I have adjusted in both places.....lever and barrel adjuster by the cylinder.

In that case, it seems likely that you did not get something assembled correctly when you did your clutch plates. You may have used too many plates, plates of the incorrect dimensions, if they were aftermarket plates, or you may have left out part of the release bearing assembly. If the bike was ever converted to the three piece clutch push rod (long rod, ball, and short rod), you may have left the ball out.

I'm with grayracer, time to double check everything you've done.

Ok, the shaft hasnt been modified, but one thing i didnt do was count how many clutch plates i needed?

There's your problem right there.

You need 9 friction plates, and 8 plain plates. The stack starts and ends with a friction plate.

What I'm wondering is if he didn't end up with an 01-02 clutch kit and that could be part of the problem as well...

I have the right amount of plates, and confirmed thru the retailer I did recieve a kit for a 2000. But, looking at the manual it shows there is a seat plate and a clutch dampner plate? do the 2000's have this? Cause when I pulled the old plates out, those two were not in there!

Those two items are a part of the upgrade Yamaha did to the clutch in 2001, and are not found in unmodified 2000 models. Their presence or absence will not cause the problem you currently have.

The plates are the same thickness in both years, also. Something you might check is whether you have the basket and hub are correctly stacked up on the main shaft. The threads on the shaft should extend through the nut a little ways when it's correctly assembled.

Simple fix.

There is a way to inadvertently assemble the clutch wrong, it'll keep the clutch in the "engaged" position (bike is out of gear permanently) and the cable seems too long.

One of your friction plates is DIFFERENT, it's also the last one you need to put in the basket (closest to the outside of the bike), if you did not do this and this particular plate is swapped with any of the remaining 7 (meaning the last plate you put in is one of the 7) your clutch won't engage.

oops - Double post due to edit.

According to Yamaha, there are only two kinds of plates in the 2000 clutch; 9 of the 5JG-16325-00-00 plain plates, and 8 of the 3XK-16321-00-00 friction plates. None of these are any different from the rest.

The '01-'02 clutch does have one friction plate different from the rest (5JG-16321-00-00), but it is the FIRST plate installed, not the last. The difference is that the inner diameter of this particular plate is larger in order to clear the boss spring and seat plate mentioned earlier, which help reduce te tendency to grab and chatter. If these parts are not used, this plate could actually be put anywhere in the stack. Otherwise, the other plates in that clutch are the same as the '00.

Sorry Gray - grabbed the WR info on the clutch - still something he should check because the symptoms sound right - could still be the wrong clutch pack he got....

OK, i got it finally. The clutch push rod was worn down just enough to not disengage the clutch plates and the freewheel. So I welded a small bead on the end of it and ground it down til it started working. I really appreciate all of you guys helping out. Thanks.

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