CO TT trip to Crested Butte

I own some ski lodging in Crested Butte, CO. As you might imagine, we don't get alot of rentals in the summer. I have some openings, mainly the first two weekends in August. Is anyone interested in riding Crested Butte? I can organize a 3 night trip for TTers so that lodging is $60 total each. The place is nice, hot tubs, sauna, pool table, etc. Each bedroom has a queen bed and private bath. There is a large private garage for the bikes. Space is limited to 8 bedrooms. Check it out at

I can take you on some really great singletrack. I just started riding B in enduro this year; I am competent but not super fast. Any skill level is welcome. We can split into two groups if there is alot of skill level differences.

Is that $60 total? Wow.

About how much do you expect one would spend on food, etc..

If we wanted to get really cheap could we put sleeping bags on the floor of the room and double or triple up?

I've already emailed my friends, sounds cool.


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Im interested, I need to talk to a few others. Im sure I could round up some riders to go.

I need to keep the total in the house below 30 people-my agreement with the town. Parking is a problem too, the house is built into the side of the mountain.

Wives, girlfriends, kids, no problem. NO PETS. If you need to talk to me, call me at 303 548-0488.

There are full kitchens if you want to cook your own food, there is also a great caterer up there if we want to have food waiting when we get back. Great places in town too, but ski resort prices.

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Hey mikeolichney that sounds great! Me and the Original Bryan have been talking about a trip to CB, haven't been in 3 years. Keep us posted and I'll talk to Bryan when he gets back from Mexico.


Nothing like other people telling you what you can do with your own property...

I'm hoping that a group from Phoenix would be able to make it there with no more than 2 vehicles.

Great idea.

I grew up in Orem/Provo regions of Utah and boy do I miss those mountians.


Count me in, totally!! Would probably be myself and one other rider. Do you/Will you need a security dep. at some point? Just let me know...

Hey, maybe we can get Eric Croy to go, now that would be a blast.

Contact me if you need Mike...

Jon "Dodger" DeWald

Hm 303-554-1128


Yep, count me in. I should be healed up by then. I have a trip out there planned for late June but I doubt I will be completely healed. So August would work out great for me. I have another buddy that just got a new 426 and I'm sure he would want to go so put me down for two.

For anyone who has never been riding out there, I highly recommend you try to make this trip. One of my favorite places.

Good to hear from you Dodger. Have you been riding much?

No security deposit, but I need the $60 per room up front to hold the rooms. (If you want to share the room with someone, its an extra $10 for cover costs of showers, electricity, etc). For three nights, $35 double occupancy, $60 single occupancy is pretty good.

To give you an idea, non-TT people, ie real customers, pay $820/night plus tax to rent the house, which is over $300/room for three nights.

Yeah Mike, been doing a s*$t load of riding this year so far. Moab 4 times, starting to hit up cross county once every couple of weeks, but cross county is getting pretty sketchy up by Gold Lake.

I'll pass this on to Eric, would be fun if he came along. Have you raced with him yet this year?? Sounds like he's been doing pretty well, I think he's shooting for 6 days Czechoslovakia, hope he makes it!

At any rate, keep in touch for the trip, shoot me a line, maybe we can hook up at the track and you can school me :) !


Dodger :D:D

I would love to. Can't do it until July though since I am doing training in FT Chaffee, Arkansas the next few weeks. I will talk to my buddies. :)

Looks like it will be 4 nights Aug 1-4. $60 for three nights, $80 for 4. If you have someone to share the room with, add $10.

To reserve you room, send payment to:

Shenandoah Buttes, LTD

PO box 19741

Boulder, CO 80308-2741

We have 4 rooms requested, but its not final till I get a check.

For a trail report, check out:

Oh, first week in August. I should read more closely. :) Well, If you need someone to fill a room let me know.

I might also join in. Will be up there already the week of July 4th (anyone else up there let me know and we can meet up). Depends on the job situation with I cant commit this early. But definitely keep me in the know regarding the trip.

Crested Butte rocks...and there's great fishin' as well!

Just an update on the Aug 1-4 trip to CB. Kevin sent me a check for 3 rooms double occupancy. NeWRiver/Armourbl that you guys, right? I also received a check from Ken P, (KSP, right?) So 4 rooms are now taken.

Looking forward to riding with you guys. Mike

The trip is full now. NewRiver and KSP, read your PM.

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