flywheel removal

i have a 2001 wr 426. im trying to take my flywheel off and it seems to me that it's very tight. i baught a bolt type puller and have it screwed into the three holes in the flywheel. im tightening it till the washers on the bolts are bending and it's just not popping off. do i just need to get stronger washers or should i just hold it fast and tighten it more? any tips i could use would be appreciated as well.

Don't they use the same center puller as the 450's? (I'm sure it's a different diameter) but are there threads around the outside of the hub to screw the puller on with? I think it has a tapered hub and the finger type pullers might not work to well?

You really should use the correct puller however.... Once the puller of choice is on and tightened, a few raps on the center bolt will/should pop it off. If it does not come after a few raps, tighten the puller some more and rap again. This make take a few raps/tightening/rapp/tighening to get it off.

i looked at the manual and although i don't have the exact yamaha puller, it's the same style puller recommended, and i have tightened it as tight as i possibly can. i put a wrench between the bolts to hold the flywheel in place and put all my weight on the puller tightening it. i have also been hitting the end of the puller with a hammer and also tapping the flywheel itself lightly. i'm going to leave it tightened overnight and hopefully the constant pressure will loosen it some. i think the reasons why it's tight is that someone tightened the flywheel nut with an impact and also it has been open for a few days letting it dry out and stick together. am i out to lunch or does this sound reasonable?

A rap on he center bolt should free it. It is possible, it was loctited on and heat carefully applied my be needed.

it was on real tight, there wasn't any loctite though. loctite could never hold that strong. we had to heat the flywheel and freeze the shaft and then tighten the puller and then rap on the end of it a few times, but i got it off and im on to the next problem.

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