WR450 not charging --> running hot

My WR450 battery began to go dead even when I was riding at high rpms. Therefore I thought it wasnt charging or the battery was bad or both. The battery passed a load test and had as much as 13.5 volts. However, it didn't seem to be charging so I installed a new Baja Designs rectifier/regulator which myself and BD thought would solve it. It didn't help. It actually got worse to where the battery got really weak and the bike began to run hot for some reason and I couldnt have the lights on or the bike would die. I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Still sounds like your charging circuit is dead or you have a bad connection somewhere. CDI box needs 12V dc on the brown wire to operate. On the battery check have you checked the voltage at the battery terminals while the bike is running. At anything above idle it should be over 13.5 volts and as high as 14.5 volts if the battery is not discharged. I take it since you have a BD regulator you have done the stator mod? If not the ground must be floated for the BD setup to work. If it has been done check the mod'd stator connections particularly where the solder joints were made.

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