Streetability 2008 WR450?

New owner here...Need some advise please, i have about a 30 minutes plus ride to the trails will this be a problem or better off trailering? I almost went the Husky TE610 due to it being a better on the road.

Can't wait pick her up next week.:ride:

30 minutes ain't bad. Just don't keep it revved up for a long time and vary the throttle. Can't see a problem with that.

Thanks xrmarty, thought it would be the case worth asking tho.

Hopefully the WR over the TE610 is the right bike choice for me as i think i will do mostly dirt with a mix of trails, then ride home. I guess i will find out...

I've got my 07 wr450 streetlegal and supermoto'd . It has nearly 5000 miles on it now and I have not done anything to it other then check the valves and swap in a new piston at 3500 miles . I hold mine wide open on the road alot.

It must be the blue thing unbustable.:ride:

Thanks guys

what it is the angle that the cam pushs on the valve is almost straight . so the yamahas don't really have the valve train issues that some of the other bikes have . I'm still going to put in stainless valves when I do have rebuild the head.

Don't get me wrong it does have the standard issues .They are a real pain in the a$$ to work on the carb . I've torn up my fair share of chains ,sprocket and tires . and the 600 - 800 miles oil changes kind of suck but other then that these bike are solid .

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