Rampart Poker Run

Anyone doing this event this weekend?


I was going to but my thumb is still broken. Should be a hoot as usual. Remember to pose pretty for the photographer. Have a fun and safe ride. Think of me :)

I plan on it.

Is it Saturday or Sunday, what time does it start, and how long do they usually take to complete? This would be my first one...


I'll be there with a few friends.

Starting time is from 9-11am

Long course is 50-55 miles.

Short family course is 20miles.


Wr426 2001

A few Mods nothing that costs anything.


Here is the web page. http://www.rampartrange.org/

Hope to see you there.

I will be riding a ... anyone care to guess? Anyone? Anyone? :)

Sorry gang, my wife's birthday is Sunday and we have relatives in town. Otherwise, we'd be there!


I'd be there but am going out of town.

The next one is in Sept, I'll try and do that one.


I hope to be there myself. I have inlaws in town, but I have been working on the escape plan for quite some time. Have you ever seen "The Great Escape" ?? That will be me, dragging a 426 through the tunnel.


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