thoughts on wet sump kit for 426

I was looking at

and was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with it. The bike is an 02 YZ426 and I consider myself a strong novice and possibly intermediate rider. I mainly ride motorcross and would like to start racing but haven't yet...

I know I would need to change the oil more often but I am thinking that since there will be no oil in the frame oil changes will be faster and easier and that since the bike will take less oil, the more frequent oil changes won't cost any extra $$.

I like the idea as the bike will look ever-so slightly cleaner and that oil changes will be easier but I don't want to negetively affect the long term health of the bike.

I don't like them. The engine simply has too little oil in it to be depended on, for one thing. Besides shortening the oil life, it seems questionable to me, since the crankcases were not laid out as a wet sump, whether the engine will oil reliably during extreme maneuvers, like hard acceleration up a steep climb, or wheelies, or while lying on its side after a crash. The stock system will.

For all that, I don't see that there is a great deal of benefit to be had from it. It's more of a hair splitting, race bike only kind of thing, IMO. If you want a lower CG, run a half quart less oil, as the '03 450 did, and don't fill your gas tank more than necessary for each moto. An even bigger improvement would be to replace it with an '06 YZ450.

Okay, I will go look at the newer 450s, they don't cost that much more than the wet sump kit anyway.:ride:

Seriously though, thanks for that insight. I would trade the bike for newer model but I need a greensticker bike for the areas I ride with the family and I can't afford two bikes (if I could I would have a new 450 and a WR250 for the family rides...)

...I need a greensticker bike for the areas I ride with the family and I can't afford two bikes ...
Makes sense. But the dual usage of the bike is all the more reason not to use a wet sump kit.

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