Magnetic sump plug 06 yzf450

Has anyone had any experince with magnetic sump plugs/drain bolts for the 06 yzf450's as I keep reading threads where people say they have saved them quite alot of cash, do I need to buy two due to their being two sump plugs, I am sure the threads are of different sizes in each ? which are the best/most durable makes. hope you can help, thanks fellas.

I had put one in my 07 at the previous oil change and when i changed it the other day i was surprised at how much metal was on the magnet.I probaply have 40 hours on my 07 total.Mine is SRP I believe.

I just put it in the center case drain as they are different sizes.The outer drain is so close to the magnets in the flywheel that its probaply not needed there.

I used to have one on my 2004 but I ended up breaking it off inside!:ride: It was like 15 degrees outsidde so I prolly shouldn't have been wrenching on my bike. That was scary because I couldn't drill it out because it would push the magnet inside...luckily I got it out after some tedious work:bonk: The idea seems good and I've heard nothing but good things about them from people on here...

I have one in the sump (rear, transmission) drain on both mine. But there are not two sump drains, only one. The one on the left in the front is the oil tank drain.

Thanks for clearing that up Gray, I mean I take them both out when I do an oil change so I just presumed they where both sump drains but now I know ! Just been looking on the ZIP TY racing website, it seems they do a magnetic sump

and I take it this is for the other drain bolt Gray ?

so in buying both those I would have both drain bolts magnetic ? sorry to sound dumb.

Ive emailed them to see if they post to the UK, its so crap here getting hold of decent parts etc, you guys have everything over the pond ! . I'm trying to get hold of the TM Designworks chain slider kit as well, but thats proving difficult as no one seems to distribute them in the UK, and it seems TM won't ship to the UK.

I have the zip ty mag plug on my 06 450. I like to think it saved me from some issues when my shift stop broke and let loose 8 ball bearings in the oil. The magnet on the drain plug caught them!


The first link is to the bolt for the sump/right/rear/trans/crankcase drain. Note the thread size is 10mm. The second is for the left/front/oil tank/reservoir drain, and is a smaller 8mm thread. It could be argued that there is less need for one in the tank, but return oil is not filtered on its way to the tank, but any iron/steel stuck to a drain bolt is better there than anywhere else.

I have the Zip Ty mag plug in the sump on my 06, had one on my 00 too. Cheap insurance for me. Now that I know there is a mag plug for the tank I'll probably add that one too.

Thanks for clearing that up Gray you've been a great help.

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