Gas cap vent hose spewing fuel

On my last ride every time I would stop I kept smelling gas. I finally realized that it was coming out of my vent hose. When I unscrewed the cap I could hear the pressure release. I did fill the tank almost to the top before riding, probably a little too full. The one way valve is installed correctly. I did relocate the hose to the steering stem after mounting a Panoram computer. Did I create some kind of siphon action by having the end of the vent hose lower than the fuel level in the tank? It stopped after the fuel level dropped. I thought the one way valve was there to prevent fuel from escaping. While this was happening the engine would stumble from 0 to 1/8 throttle. Was the pressure forcing extra gas into the float bowl creating a rich situation? Does anybody has an answer or even a guess as to what happened?



Yep - you got it. Remove the one-way valve and your problem is solved. I have heard this more often on bikes with aftermarket tanks - for some reason.

The one-way valve is mainly there for when the bike goes on it's side anyway - it is really not needed.

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