YZ450 19" rim help

Hey everyone. Do any of yall know if the rear 19" rim/hub from a YZ450 will bolt up to the FRONT of a WR450? I have an 04. I'm doing a budget supermoto project, and no I don't want to just save up for 17" rims. I think 18 in the rear and 19 in the front will work just fine. Any help with a suitable rim would be much appreciated. I would rather find a rim/hub instead of buying a wheel and having it laced to my hub.

Thanks alot,



just buy the Kenda K761 sportsman tires....cheap too

While that is an option, I like the look of the smaller rims/tires and I also would benefit from the shorter rim/tire as it would lower the bike a bit, which I desperately need. Does anyone know of any 18 or 19 inch rim/hub from a stock bike that will fit on the front of a WR450? Thanks

If there is no available bolt on wheel/hub assembly...what about hubs. What hub will will simply bolt in place of my stock hub on this bike? Where can I source one from. A new factory hub can be had for $125 but i'm on a budget. A Complete wheel/hub would be better but I don't know if there is one out there. Anyone?

or you could spend a little extra for 17" hoops and spokes for your stock hubs...depending if you want to keep your dirt setup intact...

Ok let me ask this. Is there a big advantage to running aftermarket hubs vs stock hubs? What is the low down on this. I know some hubs are really light weight but will stock hubs be just fine?

Yes stock hubs will be fine. Most of the aftermarket hubs are actually heavier than stock ones so there's no real advantage, other than looks.

Thanks, thats what I needed to know.


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