Orange, cop that

Went for a ride last weekend and out of eighteen bikes, all diifferent makes, models etc, which one's had to turn back??? Orange thats who, one with defening engine noise and one blowing more smoke than a two stroke, both 400's and both late model, lost my respect for KTM 4 strokes, even a TT350 made through.

i have seen that happen or many other bikes. LOL

It also has to do with how well the bikes are maitenenced. They may have forgot to change the oil ever. You never know. Or maybe the electric started started smoking.


just kidding



Man thats funny

No it aint

Yes it is

No it Aint

Yeeeeeesssssssss ittttt Isssss



I hate that guy

I know someone who has a orange thingy magig

520 infact. Its a pretty bike, Can you ride those


You should create another TTalk personality, or perhaps several, one for each little voice in your head. That way you will always have someone to start a flame war with.

Hope this helps.

yeah i agree those K)mart T)rail M)achines are pretty orange ...just like my chain saw. a buddy of mine has a 520 K)ick T)en M)inutes and is having a problem jettin it, i told him to add more K)etchup T)omato and M)ayo to his main.

coolest wr sight i ever saw


......its better to be a rider for a moment...

than a spectator for life.....

EGO, i wasn,t riding orange, i was riding blue, no problems with blue or any one elses blue for that matter.

God, I feel so inadequate riding that orange thing! :)

Ego, you really need to take something for that bi-polar condition! :D

In the past year I've seen a 520 suck in a valve, and another ripped a bunch of spoke from the rear hub, 2001 models I believe. They sure rip, I am concerned about quality though.

Sometimes I really wonder about those KTM’s. Yes, the parts are cheaper than YAMAHA, but it looks like to me you go through more parts with the KTM’s.

The cost of a new KTM is way too high!

Buddy of mine bought a 300 KTM. He took it trail riding and fouled the plug after the first 2 hours .

Had to push back to the truck.

Fouled plug will be due to setup, Generally the KTM two strokes are pretty good, i just think KTM four strokes havent proven themselves yet??

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