My new WR450 is here!!!!

My new WR450 is here!!!!.....But only,it's orange. When did Yamaha change the spelling of its name to KTM. :)

I'm just kidding. Somebody has to keep your hopes up that someday you'll get this magical mysterious BLUE BEAST.

Have you heard this before?? All GOOD things come to those who wait!! so jokes on you Pumpkin Med, i mean head. :):D

KTM stands for "Keep Trying McGrath" :)

KTM is german for cast iron seat.

KTM..."Keep The Manual" :)

STOP IT, your killing me. Oh no, you found my weakness, laughter. If you guys keep this up you may actually pass me. AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH

You guys know I'm just mess'en. I actually was considering the WR but just couldn't wait that long. <font color="orange"> KTM <font color="orange"> YAMAHA HONDA all are good as long as you have fun and remember "the one thing". :)

When I grow up I'm gettin a KTM. Until then, "Keep Talkin Man" :)

Pumpkin, don't just take it, give us some back!! :):D

YAMAHA is Japanese for "Won't start"

WR Stands for "walking-n-resting"

So all togather the translation is "My bike is a Won't start so I'm walking-n-resting 426" at least thats what my Japanese teacher said or did he mean it stood for "last place"??..... I don't know he's so hard to understand sometimes :):D

I had a KTM quit on me once and it said to me, and i quote "it's noooot a tooooomour" so i sold it. :)

Hey Pumpkin, i've riden a few 520's, and i recon they require a unique style of riding, would that be a fair comment?? i just can't ride as quick on those things.

KTM puts nice handlebars on their bikes. By the time I'm ready to buy one they'll have the seat thing figured out.

KTM "Keeps Trashing Motors" :)

by the way, can u tell us if "killing the motorsporst" have developed a fork for real men? or have had problems to copy yamaha's....anyway my 450 is coming in 3 weeks...confirmed!!!

3 weeks ??? I have to wait until 13 Feb for my WR450 :)

Arno, I just watched the Yamaha dealer video for the WR450. Randy Hawkins is the host and test rider. Don't worry, it's worth the wait. Wow!!! :):D

KTM..."Kan't Take Much" :)

("K" is the proper Austrian spelling,too,I think) Like most hazards,obstacles, and slow-moving vehicles, they are required to be bright orange...I hear the sanctioning bodies are considering requiring the riders to wear a triangle on their backs...Here in Iowa, doing so allows you to operate them upon public roadways as "farm equipment"... :D

ALL RIGHT, I'm back, it's Monday morning and I'm ready to go.

Answers to the Following questions:

1. Yes, the bike does handle differently then your Yamadog, but you get used to it.

2. KTM does have a real suspension, keep in mind that it's not the boat anchor that you have.

3. Last but not least (and so far my personal favorite)"Farm Equipment"? I see how you might think that seeing how all you ever see is the roost from my "Earth Mover" and your also right, maybe I should wear the triangle thing on my back just to let you Yamaha riders beware that "Your in the wrong place at the wrong time". :)

BTW,I was looking at a 4x4 mag and Ford has this ad that has a Truck and 4 motorcycles(2 KTM and 2 Huskys)in it. I wonder why that is? Do think it could of been they couldn't get the Blue ones started or that the couldn't get one lifted into the back of the truck?

Things that make you go "HHHHHUUUUUMMMMMMMM" :D :D

<font color="orange"> Kut

<font color="orange"> The

<font color="orange"> Melodrama!!!!!!!! :D :D HANG ON AND SHUT UP!!!!!!!! <font color="black"> MY MONTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)




K eep

T owrope

M ounted

:):D :D

You had to go and upset my buddy who has been waiting since July with money down. Shame on you.

I have just three words for everyone:

"Kill The Messenger"

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