My new WR450 is here!!!!

Kick The Mother, cos the starter breaks, and i've seen it, what a shame :)

I was at the bike store yesterday checking on delivery dates and they informed me that the WR450 is delayed yet again. This time due to manufacturing problems.

I am wondering if the WR450 really does exist. I have had money on one for many months now. :):D

What should be the first delivery date for the wr450 ?

and how many day's is he delayed ??

My WR450 should be deliverd at 13 febr., but I get a bad feeling about this.

(sorry for my bad english, i'm just a stupid dutch boy)

NO way!!!!!

Your kidding!!!

Did you guys belive me? I was trying to type that without smileing. :D

So in my best Dr. Evil laugh


I'll tell you guys what. I'll let you ride my orange WR450 for,

"1 BILLLLON dollars"




At first i was reluctant to by 02 wr426 but now im glad i bought 02 426 instead of waiting for wr450 if i had to wait this long and have delivery date keep getting pushed out well?

It sounds like to me Yamaha found a problem and to their credit they are fixing it. Beats having a brand new KTM in the garage that you cant ride because you are hassleing with the company over a recall on a triple clamp. Tim

Ouch!!! Ding Ding we have a winner!!!! :)

The only thing I will say about KTM is my 97 300exc curred me of 2 strokes forever ! But I will say the 4 strokes are very trick.

But I am going to wait for the big blue wr450 :D

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