GPS mounting

I've just got myself a little handheld Garmin GPS.

Can anyone give me some options for fitting it to my WR to get the best for

a)Readability whilst riding

b)Crashability whilst not riding


Just about everyone I've known who has mounted their GPS to their bike and rides a lot (including me) has had vibration-related failures. I'm on my 5th GPS unit in the last 2-1/2 years and they all have died becuse of vibration. I use the R-A-M mount system, (they are on the net somewhere but I don't have the address handy) which consists of a handlebar ball mount and the GPS attaches to it with a gimballed clamp. The gimbal allows you to position the unit as you like it and it's adjustable. It always has held the GPS securely. But it definitely transfers the bike's vibration directly to the unit. All I'm saying is be careful with a "hard mount", especially if you haven't had the unit hardened against vibration.

Lately, I've been giving some thought to mounting a GPS unit to my chest protector. I have mounted my 2-way radio to the front of it and it has worked pretty well so far. The only thing I'm afraid of is what will happen if I crash and land on my chest. But at least the unit will be isolated from the bike's vibration.

Rich, I'm in the same boat. I'm not about to mount my expensive GPS V on the bike until I come up with something better (Ram mounts are cool and a lot better than the simple bicycle mount, but not enough vibration dampening it seems). I've considered the expensive Touratech mount, but it seems bulky and I don't have a cross bar. I've also tended toward ideas that would allow me to carry it on my body somewhere instead of the bike. Right now, I keep it turned on while it is in the pocket of my enduro fanny pack. It records tracks okay, but not much use for constant navigation reference. I like the chest protector idea and I'd be interested to hear what you come up with.

MSR makes a small bag with alot of pockets thay you ziptie to your chest protector. Great for cell phone,wallet etc. It works really good. When I get my gps for fathers day that's where I'll keep it.


GPS for Fathers Day? Thats way cooool. I would like your kids to call my kids, I am not certain but I think I might be getting a card.


I have the garman etrek hand held gps with the proper pushbike mount. I made another bracket which bolts to the handlebar clamp. But where the mount clamps I used a 12mm tube instead of the 20mm tube which i wrapped with spunge then put the mount on. So therefore the gps is rubber mounted. I can twist the gps 15mm with no problem. Also i had to put some wetsuit rubber around one of the batterys to help keep it stable over rough ground. Since then i have had no problems even over megga errosion washouts.

4500km with no problem. Some battery brands fit tighter than others. In Australia the Durracel batterys fit tight & the Everready batterys are too loose.

I've used the RAM mount also with a Garmin 12. I'm on my 2nd unit in less than a year, hopefully I'll never get out of Garmin's warranty period! The RAM ( website has information, and I purchased mine from Cycoactive ( This site has lots of information and some tips on anit-vibration mounting. Cycoactive also sells a mount made in Germany that costs $90 but is definately more vibration protected than the RAM system. Check it out! Also, there's a company called Aloop that can sell you a Garmin unit that is modified to be vibration resistant. Check out

Hope this helps! :)

GPS had to have been made by men.javascript: x()


So we will never ever have to ask for directions again. Not like I ever did before.javascript: x()

Wink Has several types of mounts. The one I have is made of aluminum and mounts to the cross bar (Garmin III+). I think its made in germany. They can also harden your GPS to prevent failure due to vibration. You must tape the batteries together to help prevent "bounce" which basically disconnects the power.

My WR has a Baja Designs kit on it so it has a battery. What I did was wired in to the circuit that goes hot when the switch is turned on with the GPS power cord (be carefull you only use two of the four wires. If you put power to the wrong wires you will burn up the GPS) this way if the batteries "bounce" the power is continuous.

Cycoactive has alot of experience and was easy to deal with their in Seattle WA.

You can also try looking at Touratech under It is a company that is specialized in making everything for rallye and travel. Maybe you can find what you are searching for. They offer mountings for quite many GPS systems...


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