02 WR426 Excessive Blow-By out of Head Vent Tube

I have an 02 WR426. Runs strong. I rode fairly hard in hot weather

a few weeks back and noticed oil dripping (quickly) from the head vent tube.

After further inspection, I noticed that there is a pretty good flow

of air pressure blowing out of this vent tube when running.

Do you think this pressure (blow by) is being generated by a broken oil ring

or head gasket? If I unscrew the oil filler cap while running, oil will

almost pump out of the filler tube (again it seems to be pretty well pressurized)

The only reason I really noticed this is that I checked the oil before riding today and it was very low. (should not have been) Additionally, it has what seems to be a lean bog (will stall engine) if throttle is cracked quickly)

None of this (leaking oil or bogging) was happening prior tp my last ride. Pretty sure I broke something, just looking for some second opions.

Any help is appreciated. :ride:


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