Got the lights working....fuse size??

I just got the lights working on my '07 YZ450, I have a Moose stator

(50W output) powering an Acerbis DHH (single bulb) headlight and an

Acerbis LED tailight. I put in a 12V regulator along with a mini in-line

fuse that is controlled by a generic 2 position switch. I started the bike,

the headlight worked, the tailight worked as did the brake light. I ran

the bike once around the block....when I got off the bike none of the

lights were working.

Sure enough it was a blown fuse, I did the 5A as suggested in the sticky


Any suggestions as to what size I should move up to?


i would really recheck all you wiring again - you should not be blowing a 5 amp fuse unless something is wrong. 5 amps at 12 volts equals 60 watts, which theoretically that stator is not capable of even at full throttle. i really suspect a short is what killed your fuse. or maybe regulator not wired in properly. did everything work again with a new fuse? i've been running a 5 amp fuse on my bike the whole time with zero issues.

I went from the stator to the regulator which I mounted under the left radiator. I also grounded everything there (behind the regulator) as well. From there I tied into the in-line fuse and then on to the headlight, switch and the tail light to include the brake light.

Could it be because I grounded everything at the regulator?


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