Bulk Buy Black Side panels

what is a phone # and a company name. I will find out right now!

Hey lewichris,

You're a real funny guy...

The web site that I checked yesterday listed the exchange rate at 1.05, checked another site this morning and it's 1.46 which is $17.52 bro. I obviously must have not been paying attention the first time around.

I'd like to think that I didn't waste 5 years of my life over there, as my time was spent keeping you safe. That's right lewi, 5 years in the UK out of my 20 in the Air Force.

Hey Danny, whaz up bro!!!

yea those people in brittan really hate us. thanks for keeping me safe buddy.


Just because he was stationed there doesn't mean he didn't deploy somewhere less friendly, such as Bosnia, Kuwait etc... I was stationed in Germany for three years. Yeah most of them liked us but I also went to Macedonia for six months. I have also deployed to Egypt during my recent tour in the States. Whether or not he actually fired a shot in anger or defense he still had the balls to join the military. How about you?


Well said my friend. I spent most of the first half of my career in Turkey, England, and Saudi Arabi. Any person that wears the uniform, no matter if they're sitting in an alert aircraft or serving chow to the troops, is part of a bigger picture. Their common goal is to allow the wonderful folks here in America, and even shallow people like you Lewi, to get a good nights sleep.

Danny, we need to go out and roost when I get back from this damn class. Georgia is pretty cool (too many trees), but I'm going stir crazy with no bike to ride.

Later bro


Please include me in this order, I could always use another set... moffitt101@hotmail.com. I have Paypal.

I am sorry if i have upset you. That was not my goal.

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: lewichris ]

Hey over the bars, my best friend was in the Air Force as well for many years and stationed in Turkey as well, he always says how happy he is to be an American, in Turkey I guess for fun every Tuesday night (evening) the whole town gathers round to watch the public executions (beheadings), he said it was the most horrific thing he's ever seen, also I guess people dont subscribe to the same code of cleanliness that we do here, and that the women get pretty 'musky" around certain times of the month and its just "normal" life for them over there like that.

I say hats off to ANYONE who spent ANYTIME in conditions like that ANYWHERE in support of democracy and freedom, could ya just imagine that say on a Sunday afternoon around sunset time instead of being near the motorhome or tent with family and friends and the good smell of the BBQ and an icy cold one as we throw a blanky over our beloved WR's we all strolled down to the town square in our robes with no shoes to watch some poor fool get his head lopped off? and better yet while the head was still rollin round on the ground we all started hootin and a hollerin (like they do) over "there"

Hats off to ya bro! raise the flag and be proud!

Oh yeah...I would like some of those cool black plastics also!

Hey TeamScream,

You're right bro. Turkey was definitely out there man. The eye opener was that on just about every corner, you'd see at least one commando armed to the teeth. I got into a conversation one morning with one of them. I couldn't convince him that the M16 was way better than the peice of crap he was carrying.

We weren't allowed to go to the executions, not that I'd care to go. And "musky" isn't the word bro. Talk about funky. Sheesh man. Let's just say that you wouldn't want to get on a bus that was full of Turks. I could go on and on, which I am famous for here on TT, but I'll cut it short.

Lewichris, you didn't upset me bro. My bad, I forgot to bring my Midol that morning...



Help - from you black plastic guys. I would like to purchase your takeoffs. Want for 2002 wr 426 stock front number plate, radiator shrouds, side number plates, and fenders. Prefer OEM in nice shape. Thanks Mark

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