Stick on Temperature indicators

I just got an email from mxraceraz, only one word, "A**HOLE" Since I don't know him I can only assume that it's a response to my post where you can buy them for 12.75 for a 10 pak (he's gouging fellow riders for 6.50 ea.. and he calls me an a**hole) :) So I'll post it again search for "Temperature Indicating labels" McMaster part number 59535k14 12.75 for 10 :D

We've used these for years in the race shop they can be stuck on radiators and cylinders to measure the temperature, 2 types Nonreversible Labels (Temperature-indicating windows turn black as temperature rises above rating. Labels are self-adhesive and have °F and °C markings.) and reversible Labels (Use these self-adhesive indicators again and again. Apply to almost any surface & the relevant temperature square turns green to indicate approximate temperature.)

whatever dude. Rock on!

Great product on great price 10x!

I see it has a temperature range of 140 - 194 deg F. This brings up the question of what's normal range for my WR426? Seems like on a hot day it could easily exceed that. The one time indicators go higher, but that wouldn't be very handy to have to replace them all the time.

- George

THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION: I see more value in purchasing a six-pack of my favorite beverage than spending the cash on one of these. Is there really any value to the stick-on? What does it really mean to see what the temperature of the engine is at some ramdom external location? You will never get the same indication as ambient air temperature changes. For a piece of stationary equipment, such as an electric motor, I can see some value, but not on a motorcycle.

Now a gauge that can tell me what the coolant temperature is, that would be useful! It would also be way more expensive.

Save your hard earned cash, comrades. This thing is pure gimmick. (just my 2-cents)


the stick on temp indicators are designed and intended for use in industrial applications , they were not designed for motorcycle applications . somebody just happened upon them in a catalog and thought they might be of some use for us motorcycle guys . you can also buy heat sticks that melt when a specific temperature is reached , they are used in the steel and welding industry .

i guess you could call it a gimmick if someone is trying to sell it as being useful for motorcycle applications , a gauge showing actual oil and coolant temperature would be much more useful . :)

well comrades, I orders one 10 pack and when they come to me(a long way to Bulgaria, Europe) I will tell you how exact they are compared to my oil temp gauge.

Hey guys don't get the wrong idea these are not a gauge,I was compelled to post when I came across a post on thumpertalk, some guy was selling these for 6.50 apiece when anybody can buy them for about 1.30 apiece I mean I'm for free trade but not gouging. We've used hundreds of these during test sessions. Only we use the nonreversible because we are mostly interested in the peak temperature, they are placed on the radiator and sometimes the cylinder and checked after a session and thrown away, yes sometimes we use them in a race if we are testing a particular combination, as for there usefullness,and there are many, well just two, the cooler the engine the more hp, coolant combinations, etc.

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