dumb question on how to TIGHT down my chain

ok so i know its a stupid question but i had to ask if im doing somthing wrong

my 06 yz450f have on 1 side 9 marks and on the other 12.

how do i get it right without Measuring Tape?

i know its lame but how can i make sure its align.

thanks for ANY info.

Actually not everyone is noticing this,that the YZ chain block notches are different from left to right side. Count from the rear going up and it is more accurate then front to back.

Lots of us have noticed actually, we just don't talk about it every day. Going from the back of the block to the front is the most accurate way to use the marks. Myself, I take a set of calipers and measure each adjuster bolt to make sure they are extended the same length because I don't trust the marks.

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