Has anyone done this? wr450

While I was installing my Vapor computer (love it) I removed the headlight assembly to get access. I noticed the WR came with a hi/low bulb. I removed the pin from the low beam side and moved it to the empty high beam terminal. I like the extra light..my question is if I ride slow tight single track all day does the stator have enough juice that it wont drain down my battery? has anyone else done this?

The high beam of the bulb is probably the same or only slightly more wattage than the low beam (probably a 35/35W or 55/60W) so you're not drawing much more current, if any. So no, you won't drain your battery.

I have them both hooked up with a switch so that I can run either hi or low.

Your headlight is actually running on AC, not the battery DC

Thanks for the replies..:ride:

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