WR450 Gas tank

Side by side comparisons of the WR450 and the WR426 show the WR450 with approx .6 gallons less tank capacity. I don't understand why they would do that to a trail bike. Comments?

Jim, I think it's safe to say that one of the biggest complaints about the past WRs have been the pudgy tank, it's just to wide. The new size will make it easier to move around on. I didn't care too much for the old tank style and I welcome the new sexy tank..


Coming from a KX500 with a huge desert tank on it, the stock WR tank seemed very small to me. I haven't really had any difficulty riding this bike in the tight stuff with the big tank. I'm a little disappointment Yamaha is going with a smaller tank...just means I'll have to purchase a larger, aftermarket tank for the 450. Pro's and Con's to both, I suppose. Either way, it's going to be a great bike!

"sexy" doesnt mean much when your .6 gallons away from the truck and have to push , cause you ran out. :)

That's what Camel Paks are for....right? :)

The tanks feels really good especialy up by the lip.Uhm you know that place where the uhm.... gas goes in.... :) Plus just have to park the truck alittle closer to the trail.

I think they did an awsome job on the new tank/seat junction on the bikes.....If any of you have put serious time into learning how to turn a bike, you'll instantiousely understand how important it is to be able to "get up" in the tank of a bike. Much more suited for agressive riding and turning. If you not concerned so much with speed through the trails/track, then a more laid back design is sufficient I guess.


Dodger :):D

Ty Davis seems to go pretty fast with a oversize IMS tank. I guess he's willing to give up turning precision for extended range. :)

Touché, having a bigger tank doesn't forfeit the ability to turn a bike, I can get right up on my WR tank cap no problem. It is A LOT easier though with a good flat seat to tank juncture........

BTW, the majority of my riding takes me high and far into the CO rockies, it's of much importance to have sufficient fuel to go the distance, not many gas stops up in the hills. Guess all I'm saying is I (personally) would give up 1/2 gal fuel for a flatter bike.


Dodger :):D

I'd be willing to bet that Ty Davis has a YZ seat with that IMS tank.

I just switched to a Clarke tank and YZ seat and putting them side by side, the new tank combo lets me get about 4" farther forward than the stock WR tank seat setup. It makes a huge difference in the handling.

The best mod you can do to a 426 is the IMS/Clarke tank with the YZ seat. It doesn't have to do so much with the size of the tank, but the ergo's. It's much easier to get up on the "neck" of the bike to turn it. If you ride a lot of tight single track you'll know what I'm talking about!

My .02 worth

Amen guys!!

Dodger :):D

Ty Davis seems to go pretty fast with a oversize IMS tank. I guess he's willing to give up turning precision for extended range.

Ty uses his own "Sexy" thin tank made by IMS. You're right he doesn't give up anything because it's alot thinner than a stock WR426 tank. I've ridden his bike (426), his bike is really thin..

Dodger, I agree with you. The new tank will be a nice change. I can't wait.........


I've ridden his bike (426),

How many people can say that? That was an amazing story to read. Heck, you can say that Ty Davis has ridden your bike too!

As far as tank/seat ergos, I have the Clark 3.3 YZ tank/seat combo on my bike, and it makes getting around pretty easy. Stock WR is pretty tough to get around on, and this change is nice, needed and necessary.

Let me say first that I am a HUGE Ty-Davis Fan....and kind of a Dan fan as well...

I have tried the IMS tank and yep its great for wide open rides, but it's still to dog gone big to throw around in the tight eastern harescrambles. I wound up going back to the YZ seat and tank and stopping for fuel on the second lap.

I know first hand how fast Ty is...and was amazed that other pro riders that were not even in his league placed ahead of him in the Rebel Run GNCC this year.

It is however, way cool to see how he does in desert racing...Man I wish I had 1 tenth of the ability Ty has....

Bonzai :)

The point I'm trying to make is this.=== Why build it with less capacity when we all know a bigger tank can be made just as slim and ergonomically correct???===If weight is an issue, put less gas in it.===If you want to race moto or supercross, than put the YZ version on.===Most of the trail riders would benefit from an extra half gallon of petrol.===Bottom line? I'm buying one. Big or small tank, you know it's going to be the best off road bike ever made. :)

Why build it with less capacity when we all know a bigger tank can be made just as slim and ergonomically correct??

Have you ridden a WR 400 or 426? The tank is in your lap, simple as that. Even when compared to an aftermarket dez tank you end up a good four inches further back in the sitting position w/ the stock WR tank. Other than aftermarket exhausts, I bet tank and seat mods are the most popular changes made to WRs among all TTalk members. There is even an aftermarket company making replica YZ fuel tanks (hint: they don't make them for any other model). Putting a YZ tank on a WR almost makes it a different bike, especially if you ride aggressively or want to motocross.

And the problem with making a tank slim and high capacity is you will inevitably restrict airflow through the radiators, interfere with carb access, and possibly run into situations where fuel is getting close to hot engine parts, not to mention adding weight to the bike. These are all things a big company like Yamaha wants to avoid.

You can always buy a bigger tank.

Ty is a people-person! A while back, I emailed his company to say what big fans my sons and I are and did they know where I could get a Ty Davis poster?...

Before I even logged off, I had a reply from Ty Davis himself! We now have autographed posters!!!

A true Champion of the sport, now and forever! And, yes, he really makes it LOOK easy, doesn't he? A perfect blend of man and machine... :)

adam, are you buying yours from extreme ? did they say when it might be in ?

Ya, I've bought my last three bikes there. They take great care of me. Mine is schedualed to be shipped in Janurary. They have two more,not yet sold,due in February. I think these bikes are going to sell out fast. Get one while you can.

Do you ride up here in the Gaylord area?

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