question on wr stator and flywheel

I have an 01 yz426 with the baja designs light kit, and i had a moose stator that crapped out. I wanted to get an eline stator for it, but i cant find any, and the ones i have found, the guys wont respond back. And nobody sells them new anymore. If i go with the wr stator and flywheel, do i get one from another 01 426? Will this just plug right into the baja kit? How about the pink wire mod, do i have to do that with the baja kit?

You should be able to easily modify the WR stator/flywheel to fit your BD light kit if you are running AC, or you can easily adapt to DC with a regulator/rectifier and nicad battery pack in your airbox. I had an 01 YZ426 and ran a 2000 WR400F Stator, flywheel, and CDI. Worked awesome. Adrenaline Cycle on Ebay had everything I needed for $250 and it was plug and play (except for the fact that I floated the ground and went DC). 98-02 stators will work, but the 98-99 was only 80 watts, while 2000-02 was 130 watts. I bought the CDI to avoid doing the pink wire mod as I figured it would be a bit more reliable.

Um, the pinkwire mod is floating the ground, no?

I used an '01 WR stator and flywheel in my '00. It works fine.

Well in the Baja kit, there is a small battery back and a regulator already.. If that helps any..

Is it better to get the CDI too or will it be fine without it?

As far as I understand you can modify the stator to work with the YZ CDI. It sounds like you have a DC setup already. Do your lights stay on after the bike is turned off? Do you have to shut them off manually? If your bike is setup for DC you should probably float the ground.

Yes the lights stay on even if the bike is shut off..

I have found an e-line so i might just go that route..

So the guy with the e-line wont respond, so now my only question is, will the wr stator put out enough to power a 60/55 watt high/low beam halogen, and LED taillight/brakelight and blinkers without dimming?

Yes. It works fine on my non-LED incandescent blinkers and taillight and 65/55 headlight.

Ok one more question, i am finally getting around to buying a stator and flywheel, so im taking it i need a WR ignition cover too?

I didn't. I did scrape off the old and use a new gasket, the previous owner had hacked the original up and used high-tack or shellac on it.

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