Trials tire V.S. Motorcross tire

Any one have any opinions on what is better for woods riding trials tire or motorcross tire. Heard somewhere that you get much better traction with trials tire in wood/trail riding:confused:

I run a trials tire from time to time depending on where I am riding. They are excellent on the west side of Oregon/Washington where there are lots of rocks and roots. Incredible traction. Ty Davis ran one at the Olympia, WA WORCS race last year and there will probably be a couple guys running them there for this weekend's WORCS race.

They are only made for 18" rear wheels though so unless you have laced up an 18" rim you will not be able to try one.

Hey thank you for the reply, nice to know they only make the trials tire for 18 inch rims, guess I will just have to wonder how it would have worked thanks again. So now my question is what is the best tire for a 19 inch rim for western oregon trail riding. Now I have a dunlop knobie came with the bike still has life left but think there has to be a better tire out there for the riding i do

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