Two brothers exhaust 2008 yz450f

Hi i have read great things of two bros exhaust performance...

so is that pipe actually the most power productive in the 2008 yz450f

at least they releasing dyno charges...i was allmoust ordering the

PRO CIRCUIT TI-4 GP but now i am confused :ride:

i ordered the dr.d system for mine for 445.00 to the door, let me know how you make out with the 2 bros., i was gonna get that one myself. also getting the boysen water pump cover and impeller, the reason i went with dr.d is so i can lower my radiators, i made the kit at work, they will be .8 lower when installed, i hope it becomes as nimble as my 05 two stroke

There is nothing special about the Two Brothers pipe for the '08. The big gain with this exhaust is at 5000 RPM, in the lower mid range. The pipe adds almost nothing on top. Almost any low restriction exhaust will accomplish the same or similar increases in low/mid power, including the DRD, FMF, Pro Circuit, etc., etc, even the stock exhausts from an '06 or '07 YZ450. The question is whether it adds more than these other systems, and how much gain in top end pull you get from the others.

I frankly doubt it's a better choice than the DRD, but it's not my choice.

sound output is important to me.... I seriously looked at the tow brothers system for my WR. its a nice looking pipe and its got some cool machined parts and is cheap for what it is... but.

yes the but, but when I talked to them they had done no sound testing. they had queit inserts, but could only state that they'd knock 2 or 6dbs off whatever the un corked pipe output was, and they guessed that was 102db. they also told me that the packing wouldn't last long with the -6db tip.

in my neck of the woods 96dbs is manditory for parks,

and not that I ever plan to race... next season AMA is lowering the bar to 94db.

:ride: hard to imagine two brothers as a real player if they arn't managing sound output.

The Dr. D on my 2006 was too loud for me, but adding the spark arrestor and silencer makes it just right. Cut the power a bit, but there is still plenty.

OK so what about pro circuit ti-4 gp versus dr.d power...they just aint giving

any dyno run info about their pipes...:ride:

dont know anything about the dr.d.. but i have the ti-4 gp.. system and i really like it.. lots of power increase in the middle and up top.. not a whole lot on the bottom.. but still a good increase..

cant really go wrong with either..

hey gray racer, you know anything about the radiater lowering kit? was wondering if you had any experiance or know someone who does with it

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