Do you need to rejet after you go to yz timing?

I was thinking about changing my timing and looked in the archives there were a few posts about having to buy yz jets and needles. I was just wondering if this is needed or if I can stick to my stock jetting? Thanks. Also If you can give me any do's and don't when it comes do doing this mod I would apreciate it. Thanks again. :)

IMO the WR needs to be rejetted as soon as you uncork the exhaust and remove the airbox lid, with the former probably having the most effect (I never tried them independently). Once you do those things it seems logical it will pretty much breathe like a YZ.

In my experience changing to YZ timing dosen't really affect the jetting. I run the same jetting in my YZ, my pal's WR w/ stock timing and WB exhaust, and my other pal's WR w/ YZ timing and stock, uncorked exhaust.

Hope this helps.

No you do not have to rejet, Most folks that do are doing so to pull the absolute most out of the bike.

Bonzai :)

My wr timeing jetting is.

38pj, 65paj, drm#4, 155mj, 200maj.

BUT my yz timeing is.

38pj, 65paj, emm#5, 168mj, 200maj.

I beleave that the motor revs faster with yz timeing so there fore needs more fuel.

Thats what I found.

A motor that works efficiently needs less fuel

anD a motor that dosent work at all is a suzuki.

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You gotta point there.

Hmmm!... Funny thing....I had to re-jet!


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