WR450 stroker ?

Is anyone stroking the cranks on WR450's ( 426 etc. ) ? I like longer stroke engines. Much smoother power. I saw that someone is selling stroker cranks for the 250F but it costs $1900. That is crazy. It only costs a bit over $200 to have PowRoll do a Honda XR crank.


Dwight :)

Hey Dwight, there are a few stroker options out there, one is powroll and they do a 1mm stroke, which outright costs around a grand.

Any more stoke and you have to run a stroker plate or squish the rod. I know of one builder running a 5mm longer drz rod with a 2.5 mm stroke. There are also some euro guys that have built 500cc+ displacements in the stock cases. The big limiter to stroking is clearance with the balancer shaft and big end. The yz already has a short rod ratio so stroking and shortening the rod more to compensate creates a brighter delivery. I believe a long rod alone would broaden the power delivery, but the motors keep stacking up and I don't get to build one of each to try it out...

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