Finally a tank for the 07+ WR that doesnt need YZ shrouds

I woke up this afternoon after finishing a night shift and my eyes lit up when I found a big box from the US on my back door step. I ripped it straight open and found my new black Clarke Tank inside.

I went outside and pulled my WR450 out of the garage and got started on swapping over the tanks. I first took some photos of the stock tank as a comparison to the larger one.





Once I removed the original tank, I took side by side comparision photos of the two tank by themselves.



I then set about deciding how to run the fuel tap, as it is arse about with the Clarke Tank.

I decided there was three options:

1) Buy a '05 or similar tap that has the outlet on the opposite side to the '07

2) Reverse the tap around so the switch faces the engine


3) Run a slightly longer piece of fuel hose


As you can see the original one develops a kink near the outlet when you try to use it.


I ended up getting a fuel hose that was slightly longer than the factory one and this fitted perfect!

Once this was decided, I then bolted the factory shrouds on without a problem, swapped over the round clip that holds the the seat down and swirled a bit of fuel around inside the tank to remove any particles of plastic left over from manufacturing (it says to do this in the instructions).

Here is the finished product of the tank full bolted up.





From start to finish it took me an hour to fit the tank and that included going down the road to get the new fuel hose. The tank was easy to fit and bolts ups perfect. When I tested it, there was a small fuel leak from the fuel tap but it was only that one of the screws needed tightening a bit and it is now fully sealed with no leaks.

The tank does sit a little bit higher in the spout area near the triple clamps as you can see, but it also sit lower down near the engine. I think on the road I will fill it right up but when offroad riding, I will leave it a little bit short from the top to prevent the bike from becoming too top heavy.

I bought this tank off eBay off a user by the name of madonline (Motorcycle Accessories Online). Dealing with him was second to none, in that he contacted me and told me Clarke had damaged their mould for these tanks and that it would be 2 weeks late. He asked if I wanted a full refund and cancel the sale, or if I waited, he would send the tank via Express Post for free and refund half of the postage I had paid as token of good will. I took the second option and I would definetely buy online from this company again!

Very nice I like! Wa wa wee wa

I like my clarke tank too.

I also ran the stock petcock in the original configuration with a longer fuel line.

The one thing that bugged me was that the petcock is now more exposed, and that actually created a problem. On a tight piece of overgrown single track, some bushes caught the petcock lever and shut my gas off. Luckily I figured it out in about 20 seconds, but I easily could have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why the bike died. Also luckily it did not tear the petcock off the tank.

Clarke tanks look like a big gay volcano on your bike.

Clarke tanks look like a big gay volcano on your bike.

C'mon... tell us how you really feel

But at least its a 3.6 gallon Volcano!

Clarke tanks look like a big gay volcano on your bike.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :thumbsup:

The big gay volcano has ridden me 190km and I am still yet to hit reserve. This is mainly road riding with it running too rich due to bad jetting.

Has anyone else had an issue with their clarke tank cap?

The seal and inner rubber cover over the vent valve of mine ripped off yesterday. I was able to put the gasket/seal back in, but not the cover part. I will try to shoot a pic of the problem.

:Easy to install, took 1/2 an hour and good to go,, a no brainer,,, rode today for several hours and cannot even tell the differnce in size,, except i can go much further,, cheap easy, without complications,

What are these tanks worth?


I have a clear one.. anyone want to trade me their black one? I like being able to see the fuel, but I kinda wonder how it would look in black.


I have a clear one.. anyone want to trade me their black one? I like being able to see the fuel, but I kinda wonder how it would look in black.

Ditto, willing to trade my clear 3.6 for a black one. Mine has one Dual Sport ride on it.

I did go 210 miles w/ stock jetting though. Having this range is awesome.

I just reversed the petcock. No issue. Awkward at first, but you get used to it.

My Guts seat doesn't snug up to the tank. Little gap that annoys me. Seat fits perfect with the stock tank.

Not a big deal though.

It is wider b/t the knees. Feels huge on tighter single track, don't notice on roads.

I bought this Clarke for the 09 and an IMS for my 06 at the same time. The Clarke is better quality. When is IMS going to send a gasket that works? Been 10 yrs since the first one I bought that did the same thing. I know the drill with the homemade inner tube gasket that works every time. Clarke never leaked with re used stock gasket.

The Clarke fits with Flatlands radiator guards.

It is a good tank.

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