$ how much for new 426

Local dealer has a couple of 02 WR246's left. Thinking of buying one if I can get great deal. What should I offer, what deals have you heard of? Thanks

I paid $5200 in July. Being that it is winter and closer to the 450 release, I would think you can get one for 5k or slightly less.

Good luck!

No more then $5700 out the door

Greetings ! :D

Can you beleive that I paid $7200.00 in CDN $$ with 15% tax, which makes around $4700.00 in US $$. Not bad for a brand new Canadian wr 426 bought last october.

But I wish I could be at your place :).

You see, while you are riding in the desert of California I'm shovelling snow and driving my car with winter tires :D,

I paid less but I ride less. I don't even have 200 miles on it :D.

Considering an early spring and some possible frosbites to my delicate extremities, I'll be riding in a few weeks (6-8). :D

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I just bought a brand new in the crate WR 426 for 4799. 2001 though, it was a weird deal, apparrantly my new bike got lost in the shipping process, then sat on a showroom floor. At this point, with the 2003 450's a month out, you should be able to get it for 4800, I would offer 4500 so you give the dealership, and yourself some negotiating room, trying for a 4700-4800 deal.

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