New here

Hey hows it going. Well after looking for a while I finally grabbed up a 1998 YZ400F. Paid 1400 for it. I looks like it is in good condition. I rode it around for like 20 min once I got it home and didn't have any problems. I didn't run into any problems starting it either. This is my first four stroke. Its also my first bike in 5 years or so I'm happy to be back on a bike. So far I like it. Haven't had it out on a good ride yet but i like the power.

here is some pics from previous owner

if you know of a good place to ride near harrisburg york or lancaster , pa e-mail me at




Welcome to Thumpertalk!! If you hang out around here long enough you're bound to learn all you need to know about your bike and then some.

Remember the "search" fucntion for quick answers to any problems you might run into.

Again, Welcome!!

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