YZ450F --> YZ250F swap

(I posted this on 250 forum first but it stirred no interest there)

I have ridden WR 450 and lately YZ450 on trails for several years. This year I took to local mx races (veterans, novices, housewifes etc class) and survived 3 of them so far. I kind of like this new riding so plan to attend (race) all of the remaining mx races this year (5 or 6) and maybe for the next season will be racing every other wekend - about 16 races I guess. I am 40 y.o. 170 cm 80 kgs.

I noticed a lot of guys my age race YZ (or RM) 250 F and declare they have not lost any speed on these bikes (just gaining it actually) but obtained a lot of comfort racing smaller ccs as the can last longer on the throttle.

Has anyone made such a swap and found it worth while?

I wil probably keep my YZ450 for trails only (with all the trail mods I made so far...)


When my son had a YZ250F, I didn't get to ride it very often, but the couple of time that U spent most of the day on it, it was a lot of fun. The reduced torque makes power management so simple that you pretty much don't ever think about it, and the bike was a lot easier to toss around than my '03 was. I don't think that last is true compared to my '06, but the little bike is still easier to ride overall.

See if you can get a chance to try one out for an hour. I wouldn't replace my 450 with one under any circumstances, but it would be a fun bike to have all the same.

I have owned and ridden many a 450 and 250. In my opinion I would never own another 450. I like the on tap power and such, however this is needed only here and there. For my ability I can ride just as fast if not faster on the 250 compared to the 450.

I am much smoother, can ride longer and do a few things that I cant seem to swing on the 450 (however the same goes the other way)

In my mortal man opinion the 250 with a few mods is about the perfect bike. I ride a mix, one weekend is the dunes, next weekend is a 70 mile loop of single track and mid week or the next weekend it is to the track. Only time I feel that I am at a loss is on big hill climbs, dunes and long straights. The bikes are slightly under powered so those three places really point out the weekness.

The flip side to this is that you will have to ride the 250 to go fast, no more being lazy and sitting on your ass to go fast. It's going to take a bit more effort and concentracion on your riding. You won't be able to go out and get tired and simply rely on the power to pull you thru. When you get tire on the little bike it is going to become very noticable....

42 HERE VET B MX well I was, gave up MX tracks 2 yrs ago. A 250f FOR ME on a MX track I was no doubt more competive,than on a 450.Especially when the layout was a little technical,the 450 had the power,but the 250f had the momentum and finesse also I definetly lasted longer. I was just plain quicker on the track with a 250f.

I do have a 450 now and just do trails and maybe a course layout in the woods.For pure fun and not racing or doing MX the 450 is for me.I now enjoy just the power of my ride ,nothing like stretching 3rd gear going through a sweeper and grabbing 4th and knowing you still have another gear even though you are pulling pretty heavy at the moment.

Thanks everyone. I just needed you guys here to confirm what I sort of heard here and there :) This weekend will be my 250 test and in September I will need to decide as for the bike for the next year.

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