Alt. fuel tanks


I've got a 98 YZ 400, and I'm wondering if you've heard of any ingenious fuel tank add-ons (additional tanks) I can get a hold of to increase my range. I know they make one that replaces the front number plate, and I've seen one that mounts on the rear fender, any others y'all have seen?


The front # plate ones work OK, once you get the leaks sorted out. Some people say they feel the weight up there, I didn't with the 0.8 gal one. They also make a 1.3 gal. I think they are made by Acerbis. I think Chapparal sells them. A good thing about that tank is that it drains first, before your main tank.

I also had a A-loop one that replaces your number plate opposite your muffler. It worked OK for 4 HS races until my subframe broke, causing me to DNF my 5th HS on it. Gas was spewing everywhere. Too much stress on the subframe, and that was the steel of the 99YZ400F. I bet the aluminum subframe would fare even worse. Dont recommend that one.

Thanks Mike, I'll keep that in mind...

Micholichney U live up in the San Bernandino Area...

Mike, you're in Lyons, right? Any great ideas on where to ride this weekend? Maybe to the west-fireroads, etc?

Originally posted by YZeezee:

Mike, you're in Lyons, right? Any great ideas on where to ride this weekend? Maybe to the west-fireroads, etc?

Well, I am going to ride the Jumping Cow enduro, near Agate. Its around 6K ft, so maybe it will be a little cooler. You are welcome to ride on my minute with me and my 2 friends if you like. One is a better B guy than me, the other is a C rider. You can find info at

Theres an area west of me called Johnny Park that has riding, off of US 36. Its not Taylor Park, but it can entertain you for a while. If you want to ride rocks, you can ride Lefthand Canyon, in between Boulder and Lyons, lots of trails.

The Nothern Colorado Trail Riders have a ride planned in Rand, I would have done that if there wasn't an enduro nearby. Check out:

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Thanks Mike, I'll check them out. I went riding at Georgia Pass this weekend (down by South Park). Went above timerline so it was definitely cooler. Pretty rocky, but fun still.

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