Auto-decomp on eBay? What is this?

Jus browsing through eBay when I saw this.

Click Here

Is this something from Yamaha, or somewhere else? No 400's?

I checked it out and emailed a bunch of questions. If I get a response I will post the answers here.

I wonder how Yamaha.dude feels about his PDF document being posted for sale with the cam!


got an answer back from the seller.. it is a stock 450 cam... :)

yeah, that is what I figured..... :)

I hope that *somebody* comes up with a reliable cam to retro-fit our bikes, and soon!

It irks me in one way, and I am flattered in another... really, it is insignificant, the guy is not claiming it as his own instructions... Yamaben had a lot of input into the document as well...

I reckon the guy thought he would corner the market when the mod first came out, and make a nice profit... after all, who needs 4 extra cams... LOL now there is talk of the third-party cams in the next couple of months, and the fact that the teeth on the factory 450 cam may be an issue in a 426, then he is probably panicking and trying to dump them before they become redundant...

It is still a good mod, and there are alternatives on the horizon (seemingly) so I don't care... I can just laugh that it has filtered down and onto ebay... shows there are so many ways through the internet...


It is surprising that Yamaha hasn't smelled "profit" in this retrofit...

Could not be too difficult to modify the unfinished forging or casting they already make to perfectly fit...

Exactly... They have casts/dies from last year, and this year..., should be about an hours work reprogramming the CNC machines... but who knows how thinks...


All they want is to sell us new bikes!

You are right, Sabin, but I won't buy another one until they produce a street-legal version. If I can't have my cake and eat it,too...I'll skip dessert! Six grand is way too much for a bike with VERY limited usefulness, at least where I live. For that much, I can own an old beater 2-stroke AND a modest Sportster.

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